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5 Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking!

Let’s face it, public speaking is a bit like marmite, or Donald Trump - people seem to either love it or loathe it! So, what do you do when you can’t put it off anymore, work needs you to give a presentation, you’re up for a promotion that means you’ll have to present more, or, perhaps you even need to give a eulogy and it’s just all too much at once?

These Top 5 tips will start your journey on being able to not only feel OK when you stand up, but maybe even make someone laugh, make someone promote you, or celebrate a loved one in a really meaningful way…

1 - Know your audience!

What does your audience care about? What are they here to find out? What questions might they have? What mood are they likely to be in? A wake is, needless to say, rather different to a boardroom.

Not all audiences are created equally so if you can, do a little research on who will be there and make it about them. They often won’t realise you’re as nervous as you feel if you stay relevant, on topic, and get to the point.

2 - Dress for the role you want, not the one you have.

You can influence your audience to take you a lot more seriously (or indeed a lot less seriously) by what you wear. This does NOT mean a power suit if that’s not you, nor does it mean designer labels - unless you like / can afford to buy them and they fit great. What it means is getting your own style that flatters your body shape, shows you mean business without trussing you up like a Turkey - which will usually backfire and make you feel even more awkward.

If you’re not used to wearing anything “smart” try an oversized jacket with trousers or jeans that fit great. You’ll know from the dress code of the event / workplace whether that will go with shirt & tie / blouse or a t-shirt / well fitting top. The words you keep hearing me repeat are “well-fitting”. Not too tight, not too baggy. Enough said.

3 - Never underestimate the power of a great looking - and great fitting -pair of shoes!
Don’t wear a new pair unless you’ve broken them in already. Again, nothing more likely to put you off than aching feet - which will cause poor posture too, before you even make it to the building!

4 - Stay hydrated! Whenever you are about to stand up somewhere new / a challenging situation, never get caught out without some water to hand! A feeling of a dry throat is a very common side effect of minor nerves, so avoid that trap and keep a bottle in your bag. Better still a favourite refillable, stylish bottle and do your bit for the planet too!

5 - Look in the mirror before you leave. Enough said!

Want more tips like this? Hop on over to Youtube where I take you through these tips in more detail!.

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