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Tame your nerves - before they tame you!

Media Training for Professionals

Mind going blank – just when it matters most?

Want to get on bigger stages – then get tongue-tied when all the eyes land on you?

Want to go for that big promotion you know you’re perfect for…but fear interviews?

All of these things have one thing in common…

You’re ok… Until everyone starts looking at you.

You’re not alone. And in many cultures it’s considered vulgar to enjoy attention.

So you have two parts of your brain fighting against each other –

One wants to be seen and heard (and paid for your skills)

And one wants to shrink back, in case you make a fool of yourself in front of everyone.

You see it’s not enough to practice your words, learn breathing techniques and then pray.

Because when you get in front of a crowd it’s nothing like anything else – or so you think!

That’s where specialist training in media and stage confidence comes in.

I’m Velody and having appeared on the BBC, ITV as well as in independent film, I now use my skills to help you get over stage fright!

Thousands of hours onstage (starting at age 4) including writing and performing an award winning One Woman Musical, there’s lots in the skillset you can take and use yourself.

You don’t need to be a creative artist to want to level up your speaking abilities – just think how much more pleasant Monday morning meetings would be if you weren’t bricking it in case you get picked to speak?

Professionals are turning to media training because it gets them ready for being LOOKED AT. 

It gets you ready so that the next time the BIG BOSS is in, you can communicate with ease.

When you can always speak clearly and showcase your skills a world of opportunity opens up!

Want to know more... Let's have a chat about what next stage of speaking you are working towards and let's get you STAGE READY!

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Velody Official

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